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Air Conditioning

Stay Cool! SWALE- Your Air-Conditioning Specialists

The Australian climate can be harsh, and air-conditioning is essential every time we hit the road. Seasonal changes, humidity, pollen, and dust all impact the efficiency of the air-conditioning in your vehicle. Regardless of whether you drive a light or heavy vehicle, the elements will wreak havoc on your air-conditioning if debris is allowed to build up in the system and is left unchecked.

The following issues indicate that your vehicle's air-conditioning system needs servicing:
  • Intermittent heating or cooling.
  • Smelly airflow or musty smelling interior.
  • Faulty air-conditioning system.
  • Demist non-functional.

Your air-conditioning system requires the correct balance of refrigerant and lubricant for optimal functioning. Clean filters promote better airflow, eases pressure on the system and ultimately promotes better respiratory health. SWALE recommends regular scheduled servicing of your vehicle's air-conditioning system to prevent damage and ensure that you are breathing non-toxic, clean air.

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Air-conditioning check - Every 12 months

 Air-conditioning service - Every two years

Benefits of service:


Ensure optimal functioning of the system.


Removes dust and toxic mould build-up

Eliminates the spread of infection

Minimise the chance of future breakdowns.


Reduces heat in the compressor and moving parts

Continuous temperature control for user comfort as per health and safety standards

Your Health Matters

Over time, allergens, temperature changes and humidity can cause mould and bacteria to build up in your vehicle’s air-conditioning system. In some cases, there may be an accompanying bad smell, but often the toxic air is odourless. Dirty air-conditioning systems that are left unchecked are a known cause of illness and respiratory problems that could cause long-term complications. Regular checks and servicing will ensure that your system is properly maintained, clean and hygienic.

Give us a call today at 1300 4SWALE to schedule a check or service
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