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Crane Inspections

Your Crane Maintenance Professionals

Crane wear and tear is a normal consequence of continued use that could compromise the safety of the user and the job. Environmental factors, mechanical fatigue, corrosion, and breakdowns are not only costly for your business but also result in increased health and safety risks. Ongoing crane inspections and maintenance schedules help to identify any maintenance issues sooner rather than later. At SWALE, we offer a range of crane and heavy lifting equipment maintenance services such as:

  • Minor and major crane/ MEWP and borer quarterly, annual, five-year, and ten-year inspections and certifications.

  • A, B & C maintenance service on heavy vehicles.

  • Prestart, 250hrs, 500hrs, 1000hrs, 2500hrs or major annual service.

  • Pre & post-purchase inspections.

  • Service and maintenance records.

Our service engineers are highly competent, performing all services according to manufacturer recommendations, industry best practice and experience. We strictly adhere to all required service standards, including:
  • AS1418 and AS2520 for cranes, borers, and MEWP.
  • RMS Light and Heavy Regulations as per HVNL.
  • RMS Light Vehicle: Road and Transport Regulations 2017.

Our crane service engineers complete all service and maintenance logs for your records, which helps identify the residual life of the crane and components. Logbooks, photographs, service checklists and invoices should be stored safely for future reference. SWALE tailor your crane inspections and schedule ongoing maintenance according to your needs for the best possible outcome.

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SWALE crane services improve safety and productivity, so give us a call today for more information or to book your crane service on 1300 4SWALE
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